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Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you don't know what to cook that is healthy and easy?

Does it sometimes feel too exhausting to cook a healthy meal, but you know you'd feel guilty, weak and have a food hangover if you bought food from the street?

Today you get to learn how I cook one of my favorite meals. I'll also teach you some tricks that you could apply to any meal to make it more Bulletproof than it is.

Living a Bulletproof lifestyle isn't black or white, it's a scale and you could fall anywhere in between. Every little "trick" you use to upgrade your existing meals will push you more towards your goals.

You have not failed if you decide to eat takeaways, but you have the power to make it as good as possible by choosing the simplest choices on the menu and asking the waiter not to use any sauce.

This grass-fed beef stir-fry with rice and vegetables is delicious, filling and healthy. It will leave you feeling satisfied and full of energy.



  • Bulletproof無水奶油20g

  • 蒜頭-4顆

  • 薑片-2片

  • 研磨黑胡椒粒-適量

  • 小農洋蔥-半顆


  • 草飼牛排2片


  • 有機青蔥-一根

  • 辣椒-個人喜好

  • 北美硬木木糖醇-半小匙

  • Bulletproof草飼膠原蛋白粉-20g

  • 草飼奶油20g

  • 粉紅鹽-適量


  • 將食材A以小火爆香直到洋蔥柔軟, 食材A一樣留在鍋裡外圍.

  • 將火侯加大, 鍋子中間留空間給食材B快炒10秒後轉小火, 當牛肉烹調至個人熟度後關火.

  • 加入食材C攪拌後, 香滑奶油草飼牛肉即可上桌.

  • 開火前記得將牛肉置放於室溫2小時, 可使牛肉更加柔軟.

  • 好的木糖醇不太影響胰島素, 草飼膠原蛋白粉和奶油請在關火後再加.

  • 大火5分蒸個青菜, 將Mct油或Xct油加上牛肉湯汁淋在青菜上是很美味的.